Our Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation Reveal

Our kitchen has only been finished for about a year now, but I’m finally ready to reveal what it looks like!  You actually probably already know if you follow me on Instagram.  What you might not know is what it looked like before!  I managed to scowl the internet and find some older photos of our kitchen and morning room.  I actually already forgot what it looked like!  Needless to say, I’m very much happy with the change!  I can’t believe what a difference it made.

Ever since we moved into our home (almost 7 years ago), I wanted an all white, farmhouse kitchen.  At a minimum, I wanted white cabinets.  I have been bugging Joey since we moved in to re-do the kitchen and he just wasn’t having it.  (Apparently he likes orange cabinets…) Anyway, I finally talked him into it last year and what a huge difference this has made in our home! It’s so much brighter and definitely more updated.  Most importantly, it fits our style and helps define our home!    Without further adieu…

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation Reveal 

Rug // Chairs // Table // Fig Tree 

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I kind of went on a limb and painted all the walls in three of our rooms white.  I was nervous it was going to be too much, but I really just wanted a bright, airy space.  Joey was completely against all of the white from the beginning.  This is usually how it happens, he disapproves of my ideas but when they come to fruition he ends up loving them.  I remind him of this, but I still get pushback every time.   

If I had to describe my vibe or style I have in these two rooms I would say, “I have no idea.”  This is because I like ALL of the styles.  I feel like I mesh masculine with feminine pieces evenly.  I also love the industrial, farmhouse/chic, with a touch of glam.   It’s actually very difficult trying to find the balance of all those.  (Insert our Family room where I’m adding some Boho to the mix also!) Why not?! 

Weight // French Press // Coffee Mugs // Pour Over // Gooseneck Kettle //  Shelves

With my love for coffee, I knew I had to have a little coffee nook.  I’ve collected quite a few ways over the years to brew coffee.  I’m actually so excited because my friend, Brianne, just talked me into ordering this Cold Brew.  It doesn’t take too much for her to talk me into things- she has great taste!  It depends on my mood which one I use (also how much time I have).  

Serving Tray (on Sale!) // Olive Oil Containers // Canisters

I couldn’t resist my love for subway tile, thank you Chip and Joanna.  You bet I’m trying to talk Joey into doing some shiplap in our home next!  I ended up going with grey grout so it gave the wall a little more subtlety.  I definitely could have done black, but I like the grey also.

 Nespresso Machine // White Mugs (Similar on Sale!) // Sign 

 Metal Tiered Stand // Glass Version 

Kettle // Coffee Pot

I also love me some SMEG!  Do you know they FINALLY came out with a WHITE appliances.  This is ivory and I think it gives a nice contrast to the white kitchen!

It actually took me the longest to find the right knobs and pulls.  I honestly was teetering between gold, copper, and black.  I was leaning toward gold but I couldn’t find the RIGHT gold.  After many orders and several stores later, I found these beautiful pieces at a really good price, comparatively speaking.  They actually have sales quite a bit- so don’t pay full price!    Aside from the cabinets being painted white, we actually ended up with new doors to create a more modern look.  We also swapped out the “L” part of the island and just extended it so we could add a bookshelf and a wine cabinet (duh!)


I couldn’t talk Joey into new appliances yet, but honestly they are starting to show their age.  Our house is about 10 years old and we are starting to have issues with them.  We agreed once they start breaking we can replace them at that point.

I’m thinking of adding some of these home finds from the NSALE to the mix!

Soooo… What do you think?!

Photography by Samantha May