Denim 101 with Fitcode

Who loves shopping for jeans?  Crickets.  I don’t know a single person who likes jean shopping, so today, I’m teaming up with Fitcode to give you a little Denim 101 on how to  find the perfect pair of denim.  Hopefully, this will ease some anxiety and rid those overwhelming feelings we all have  from searching for that perfect pair of jeans.  The best part is, you can easily shop them online!  GASP! I know… jeans online? You must think I’m crazy, but I can assure you, it’s possible!    Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -2

If you are anything like me, I loathe when my favorite pair of jeans are finally at their end point and I need to find a new favorite.  Have you ever gone jean shopping just to try on what seems to be 500 pairs of jeans only to walk out of the fitting room with nothing?  Trust me, I’ve been there too.  It’s frustrating. Hell, there are so many brands of denim it’s so overwhelming!  Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work at Nordstrom for about a year in their premium denim department where I had extensive training on helping people find the perfect fit so let’s get started so you can find your next favorite pair.

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1. Know Your Size-

Did you know there is a very likely chance right now you are not wearing the correct size jeans?  That’s right.  There are a few things to take into consideration when searching for jeans.

  •  *Don’t worry about the number.  A number is a number, it’s most important to be comfortable and wear your jeans properly.  When jeans don’t properly fit, you are just going to create discomfort for yourself.   They will look baggy and messy, or the opposite will happen and you could be bursting out.  Nobody wants a muffin top.  Nobody.
  •  *Denim Stretches– When purchasing jeans you need to keep in mind that denim stretches throughout the day.  For good practices keep the following in mind:  If a pair of jeans is a little on the bigger size, then size down.  Even if they fit just right, you may want to consider a smaller size because of the stretch.
  • *Rules of Thumb- Like with anything, there are always exceptions to the rules here are a few things to look for.
    • You want the legs of your denim to be smooth.
    • When you pull out your waist band there shouldn’t be more than 1/2           inch from the band to your tummy.  If so, size down.

Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -14Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -3 Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -4

2. Know Your Body Type-

This one is key to finding the right pair of jeans.  Most denim brands have a variety of fits, but each brand has their own unique woman in mind.  For example,  Paige denim is geared toward the every day girl.  It’s a jean brand that generally works for everyone.  If I’m curvy, which I consider myself to be because of leg muscles, I know that most of the time wearing jeans that don’t stretch much will simply not work for me.  It’s a fact so I don’t even bother with those brands.  Again, keep in mind these are just general ideas with these brands so don’t be afraid to try that brand on because it may work.  The beauty of this process is, is that once you find your brands, jean shopping becomes so much simpler.

  • JBrand– is a great brand for women who don’t have large bottoms.  The placement of the pockets give the ullusion of a plump bottom.
  • Joe’s Jeans– Another great brand for the curvy gal.

Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -5

3. Know Your Fit-

This really goes hand in hand with knowing your body type because some jeans, if we are not wearing the right fit, are going to make us look bigger or shorter or wider, or just not flattering on us so we want to optimize our body type and accentuate those beautiful body features with the right fit.

  • Curvy– Cigarette leg, Higher rise denim, Flare, Boot Cuts, Stretchy Skinny Jeans
  • Athletic -Cigarette leg, Flare, Boot Cuts, Stretchy Skinny Jeans
  • Petite– Cropped, Ankle Skinny, Slim Boot Cuts, Stretchy Skinny Jeans, Flare Jeans
  • Busty– Cigarette, Wide Flare, Flare, Boot Cuts,
  • Tall– Skinny Jeans

Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -6 Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -7

That was a lot of information right there…All these pieces of information are just good rules of thumb for you to help ease your denim shopping experience… Now, to do it online.  Fitcode is actually an online retailer that specializes in finding YOU the perfect fitting denim.  Having experience with denim, I was really interested in seeing what this was all about so I actually reached out to them to see if they would be interested in collaborating with me!  They kindly accepted and I’m thrilled with my experience.

Instead of having to remember every single bit of information I gave you, they lay it all out for you.  You simply take a 5 minute quiz ( probably less than that) to find your Fitcode.  Once you have your Fitcode,  they provide you with jeans that match your Fitcode!  You don’t have to do any thinking at all.  Shop and love your jeans.  I took the quiz myself and they were exactly on par with some of my favorite denim brands!         Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -8 Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -9Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -10 Denim101-Fitcode-Blogger-Frame Denim-Distressed Jeans -11
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Photography by Samantha May

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What are your favorite jeans and fit?  I could go on and on and on….